ShareThisSteelWar Online----Novice Guide

I. Game Time
1. Seasons
Each season in the game lasts only 24 hours.
Spring: In Spring, everybody gain one additional AP at 8:30am, 12:30pm and 7:00pm.
Summer: In Summer, everyone gains 3 additional opportunities to gather crystals. So in Summer everybody will gain 15 opportunities to gather crystals in total.
Autumn: The output of raw material will be increased by 20%.
Winter: Players are prevented from attacking one another in Winter.
2. Reset Time
The time count for raw material transaction, rewards for purchasing Gold, free research, free "Major Stats Reset”, and purchasing AP will be cleared at 12:00am each day.
The time count for season, event rewards, daily salary, crystal gathering, base exploration, daily quests, assistant given AP, price of Unlimited Attacks, bourse transaction, and free research and purchasing AP will be cleared at 5:00am each day.

Every day you are able to attack a computer controlled troop in the Annals, attempt to capture a raw material deposit, attempt to capture a crystal deposit, attack a hostile player and attempt to rule a player in the same faction without consuming AP starting at 7:30am, 12:30pm and 7:00pm. Additionally, you will gain 1 AP when upgrading your Main Base. You may also spend Gold to gain AP.
The elite troops in the Annals respawn at 08:30am, 12:30pm, 7:00pm and 9:00pm each day.
The items in the Mall are reset at 10:00pm each day.
The price of raw material and the success rate of equipment enhancement vary every half an hour.
3. Accumulated Time for Cooldown
You can accumulate the time for cooldown in the game. When the time for cooldown turns red, you have to wait until the cooldown finishes or spend Gold to finish the cooldown so you can perform another action. Five minutes before and 30 minutes after the respawn of elite troops, the time for battle cooldown won’t accumulate.
Invigoration: 10 minutes

Enhancement: 20 minutes

Gathering: 30 minutes

Battle: 30 minutes

Special Training: 1 hour

Research: 2 hours

Construction: 4 hours

Technology Study: 4 hours
II. Buildings - Base Interface
1. Main Base
It’s the core construction. The other buildings cannot be higher-level than the Main Base. Therefore, you have to spend the most time in upgrading the Main Base. The level of the Main Base can’t exceed the level of the galaxy it is in. So when your Main Bases reaches a certain level, you have to migrate to a higher-level galaxy for further development. The Main Base won’t be destroyed in battle. You will obtain one extra AP when your Main Base is upgraded to a higher level.
1. Colony: Check the contribution of your colonies and abandon a colony.
2. Promotion: Check your current rank and the requirement for the reaching the next rank. You can also claim daily salary.
3. Gathering: Obtain crystals. The daily gathering quota is 12 (15 times in summer). You can also spend Gold to use the Unlimited Gathering function in order to gather crystals without limitation. You have a certain chance to gain 10 Gold when gathering crystals.
4. Upgrade: Upgrade the Main Base and activate new buildings.
1.        Training Hall
It’s the where you can train pilots. The only way to level pilots up is training them in the Training Hall. The higher level the Training Hall, the more experience a pilot will gain from training. When your Main Base reaches Level 85, you will activate Training Hall 2. When your Main Base reaches Level 110, you will activate Training Hall 3.
1. Train: The higher level the Training Hall, the more experience a pilot will gain from training.
Special Training: Spend Honor to train pilots.
Special Training Medal: Spend Special Training Medals to train pilots.
2. Cultivation: You can reset your pilot’s stats with Honor or Gold.
Lesser Stats Reset: A*4 Honor (A=the level of the Main Base)
Greater Stats Reset: 2 Gold
Major Stats Reset: 5 Gold
Super Stats Reset: 10 Gold
The cap for the three base stats is Pilot Level + 20
When a pilot reaches level 51, they can be reincarnated for the first time.
3. Laboratory
It's the place for making science research. Upgrade it to study new technologies. The level of Laboratory determines the upper limit of all technologies. It costs Honor to study a technology and the cooldown for a study will accumulate. When the cooldown reaches a certain extent, you may not study a technology anymore until the cooldown finishes but you can spend Gold to finish the cooldown at once..
1.    Level 1 Laboratory unlocks the Firearms Tech and Block Formation.                
2.    Level 5 Laboratory unlocks the HP Assembly Tech and Spell Formation.
4.    Level 15 Laboratory unlocks the Armor Tech.
5.    Level 20 Laboratory unlocks the Energy Cover Tech and Crit Formation.
6.    Level 30 Laboratory unlocks the Engine Tech and Dodge Formation.
7.    Level 35 Laboratory unlocks the Cooldown Tech and Spirit Power Formation.
8.    Level 40 Laboratory unlocks the Counterattack Formation and Adv. HP Assembly Tech.
9.    Level 45 Laboratory unlocks the Defensive Formation.
10. Level 50 Laboratory unlocks the Honor Augment.
11. Level 60 Laboratory unlocks the Auto Replenishment.
12. Level 65 Laboratory unlocks the Armor Improvement.
13. Level 70 Laboratory unlocks the Improved Supplies.
4. Shop
It is the place for purchasing and improving equipment. The higher level the Shop, the more items will be available in the Shop and the higher level your equipment can hit. When the Main Base reaches level 10, the success rate of equipment enhancement will vary once very half an hour.
1. Purchase: Spend crystals to buy common equipment.
2. Enhance: Enhance equipment. A portion of the crystals will return when an enhancement attempt fails. The cooldown for each enhancement is 5 minutes and the cooldown for enhancement can accumulate up to 20 minutes. You can spend Gold to finish the cooldown.
3. Research: The function opens when your Main Base reaches Level 30. You can obtain Thruster and Energy Cover by consuming crystals in making research. The higher level the research, the higher chance you can obtain rare equipment. The cooldown for research is 10 minutes. You can spend Gold to finish the cooldown.
4: Mall: You can purchase superior equipment by consuming Gold. Only limited items will be available every day. The time count will be cleared at 10:00pm each day.
5. Bourse
It is the place for trading raw materials. Upgrading it increases the daily amount of raw materials you can trade and resets the daily transaction limit. The price of raw material alters every half an hour with the highest being 2.0 and the lowest being 0.5. You can reset the transaction limit by upgrading the Bourse.
1. Buy Raw Material: Spend crystals to buy raw materials.
2. Sell Raw Material: Sell raw material for crystals.
3. Blackmarket Purchase: The price is doubled but the purchase amount is unlimited.
6. Crystal Deposit
It's the place to increase the output of crystals. The higher level the Crystal Deposits, the more crystals you can gain from them.
a. There will be ten Crystal Deposits at most in the Base. You can increase the amount gradually with the hint of the main quests.
b. The Crystal Deposits should be at the same level of the Main Base so they can be made full use of.
7. Repair Station
In the Repair Station you can transfer raw materials into supplies for your troops. As the Main Base levels up, the same amount of raw materials can be transferred into fewer supplies. Upgrading the Repair Station increases the capacity of supplies.
1. Repair: Transfer raw materials into supplies.
2. Supplies: You can gain supplies for free every 30 minutes and a maximum of ten times each day.
8. Exploitation Station
In the Exploitation Station you can manage your exploration teams. The time count for exploitation teams will be reset at 05:00am each day. Upgrading the Exploitation Station enables you to send out more teams to exploit territories. You can obtain crystals by dispatching exploitation teams. The daily exploitation limit can be reset when you upgrade the Exploitation Station.
a. Your own exploitation teams can trade with other players' exploitation teams. You can reset the exploitation limit it by upgrading the Exploitation Station just like reset the daily raw material transaction limit by upgrading the Bourse. So you’d better upgrade it when necessary.
b. In the Exploitation Station, you can allow others' exploitation teams to explore your base so that you can get some crystals.
c. Only Level 41+ players are able to dispatch exploration teams. You can only dispatch exploitation teams to explore the same base once each day.
d. You can directly dispatch exploration teams to your colonies without their confirmation to gain crystals only if they can allow enough exploitation teams to explore their base.
e. A certain corps technology can be used to increase crystal gain of exploitations.
9. Space Station
Upgrading it enables you to gain more crystals by exploiting territories.
10. Alchemy Factory
Upgrading it increases the chance to acquire Gold when gathering crystals.
11. Processing Factory
Upgrading it increases the output of crystals.