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Crystals seem to be more and more important day by day. Many troops have fought for Crystals intensely for a long time. Go capture the richest crystal deposit in your Galaxy to win tons of crystals.
Event Duration
6:00pm- 7:00pm PST (GMT-8) March 11th
S1 – Palda Bay
Event Rules
At 6:00pm, 6:15pm, 6:30pm, 6:45 pm and 7:00pm PST (GMT-8), whoever occupies the richest crystal deposit (of the highest income) of their galaxy will win abundant additional crystals.
For those who in the Anman, Kilimanjaro and Aio galaxies, only the one who occupies the crystal deposit with the Income of 90 will be winner.

Anman, Kilimanjaro, Aio
Mahar, Shangri-La, Europa
Balm, Carramie, Island Efficial
6:00 PM
20,000 Crystals
30,000 Crystals
100,000 Crystals
6:15 PM
40,000 Crystals
60,000 Crystals
150,000 Crystals
6:30 PM
60,000 Crystals
90,000 Crystals
200,000 Crystals
6:45 PM
80,000 Crystals
120,000 Crystals
250,000 Crystals
7:00 PM
100,000 Crystals
150,000 Crystals
300,000 Crystals


The GM staff will announce the winners when each phase comes to an end, and give out rewards in the form of a gift code within 1 hour from the end of the event.


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