ShareThisReputation Hunting Contest

To be a force to be reckoned with in the vast fantastic universe, you cannot only focus on enhancing your base. Instead, you have to fight time and again and defeat every enemy. Alright, go fight somebody of other factions now.
Event Duration
12:00am March 1st until 12:00am March 16th PST (GMT-8)
Event Content
To win a share of rewards, try your best to earn Reputation points during the event. When the event comes to an end, the top 10 players on the Month Rep board will be the final winners.
1st Place:  1,000 Gold + 60,000 Crystals
2nd Place: 700 Gold + 40,000 Crystals
3rd Place:  500 Gold + 20,000 Crystals
4th-10th Places: 200 Gold + 10,000 Crystals
To check the Month Rep board, click the “Event” button  and then check the “Rankings” section.
We will deliver a certain gift code to each winner’s in-game mailbox soon after the event. The winners can then click the  button to claim their rewards using their gift code.
Poppace SteelWar Team