ShareThisOpen Beta Test Launched

The Open Beta Test of SteelWar Online launched at 6:00pm PST (GMT-8) on February 19th. Thousands of players swarmed into the fantastic universe very soon after the test began.
Several minutes before the test launched, a lot of players had been waiting eagerly. As the scheduled time of server opening approached, more and more players attempted to log into the game.
When the first server, Palda Bay opened, a lot of players entered game at once. Very soon more than 100 zones (each zone contains up to 16 players) of the starting galaxy were occupied. Additionally, many players invited their friends to adventure in the universe together and many corps were created.
Many players finished the Rookie Training part of the Annals fast and migrated to the Palda Bay soon for further development.
Team Battle

Besides, the 8 sever opening events are pretty popular with players. Some of the events encourage players to compete with one another to win cool prizes, and some directly provide benefits instead.

Though the server debuted only 2 days ago, it has been very hot. Why not join the game now and enjoy some innovative mobile unit battles in the boundless universe together with thousands of players?

PopPace SteelWar Team