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I. Novice Path
While you are new to the game, you’d better read the guide carefully. If you don't want to waste time in the guide, you can click the “Skip” button at the bottom to skip the guide.
Notes for Novices
When entering the game for the first time, you will gain 200 Gold. We suggest you spend 50 Gold in adding a construction queue and 100 Gold in adding 2 training slots. A non-VIP player can only have a maximum of 3 construction queues and 3 training slots at most.
II. Development Path
Stable development is essential for every player. Don't develop too fast. It does no good.
1. Construction: Enter the Base, upgrade the Main Base to Level 2, and a Shop will appear in your Base. Then upgrade the Shop to Level 2 and upgrade the Main Base to Level 3. The cooldown for a construction queue will increase when upgrading a building. When the cooldown accumulates to a certain extent, you may use the queue anymore until the cooldown finishes.
2. Training: To train a pilot, click the “Train” button in the Training Hall. There are several training modes. You may train a pilot gradually by spending crystals or train a pilot fast by spending Honor (To gain Honor, defeat any computer controlled troop in the Annals), Special Training Badges or Gold. Note that no pilot can be higher-level than the Main Base.
3. Purchase and enhance equipment: Unfold the Shop panel and then buy a piece of common armor. Click the “Enhance” button to upgrade the armor to 2-Star Rookie. Each enhancement attempt will lead to a 5-min waiting time. The success rate of enhancement attempts in Von Braun is 100%, while the success rate fluctuates in other galaxies. So, enhance your equipment as high level as possible before you migrate out of .Von Braun.
4. Defeat NPCs in the Annals: It's the major part of the game. Click the Annals at the top right corner, the Annals panel will pop up. You have to defeat the NPCs in turn in order to march forward. Select a computer controlled troop and click the “Attack” button, then your troop will automatically fight against the opposing troop. Whoever initiates a battle will attack first. After the battle, enter the Base and then upgrade the Training Hall as well as the Shop. Pay attention to the action for a cooldown at the top left corner. When finishing a battle, a time indicator will appear at the top left corner, indicating the cooldown for an action. When the cooldown reaches 30 minutes, you won’t fight anymore before the cooldown finishes.
5. Quest: Click the Quest at the bottom and accept the quests available. At the early stage, when the Main Base levels up, more quests will be available. The quests will reward abundant crystals, which is an important way to obtain crystals at the early stage. Some quests require you to upgrade certain buildings. You should pay attention to the sequence to upgrade buildings. Before going beyond Level 5, you can upgrade the Main Base, Shop, Training Hall and Crystal Deposits to Level 5 and Crystal Storage to level 4 at one time one by one. After that, you’d better upgrade buildings in turn one level by one level.
6. Corps: Corps related quests will be available when you hit Level 5. You may click the Corps button at the bottom and apply for joining in a corps. You may also spend 100 Honor to create a corps.
7. Pilot Cultivation: Click the Troop button at the bottom and then cultivate your pilots. You may spend Honor or Gold to cultivate pilots to augment their base stats. There are several modes available. Higher-grade VIPs will be able to enjoy more modes to cultivate pilots.
8. Crystal Gathering: You can obtain crystals through mining crystal deposits or selling raw materials. You may gain 10 Gold when mining a crystal deposit. Usually you can gain 12 more opportunity each day (each season in game) to gather crystals, but in Summer you can gain up to 15 more opportunities to gather crystals. The opportunities for gathering crystals can only stack up to 50 at most, so don’t waste.
III. To be an Overlord
The Annals is the major part of the game. Please note whether your army has enough supplies before launching an attack. Your troop won't consume supplies before you hit Level 16.
The Opponents to fight in turn from Level 1 to Level 9:
You can only defeat computer controlled troops in turn in order to march forward. After defeating Benjamin, you'll obtain a Battle Dirk. Equip your pilot with the Battle Dirk before attacking Rosa. When defeating Rosa, recruit Rosa. Buy a weapon for Rosa and enhance it until cooldown for enhancement accumulates to the utmost extent. Also buy armor for your pilots, then you will be able to finish the Rookie Training part of the Annals easily. After finishing the Rookie Training part, you will be able to migrate to a new galaxy in the Universe so you can make further progress. (I suggest you enhance your equippable items to the utmost extent before you migrate to a new galaxy since all enhancement attempts will succeed in the starting galaxy.)