ShareThis Source of Crystals

1. Raw Material Deposits: Gather raw materials every day. Raw materials can be sold for crystals.
2. Crystal Deposit: Gather crystals directly.
3. Bourse: The exchange ratio of raw material and crystal is between 0.5 and 2. You’d better buy at a low price and sell at a high price. The Bourse is place where you can become rich. (Note: Try to buy raw materials at a low price in the Blackmarket. Upgrading the Bourse refreshes the daily raw material limit).
4. Raw Material Satellite: Join in a strong corps and earn extra raw materials in the vast universe.
5 Corps: Join in a strong corps, you may study more advanced corps technologies to increase crystal gain.
6. Defeat Elite Troops: You may defeat the elite troops which may drop nice stuff time and again to harvest Honor and crystals. We suggest you not fight the troops with low drop rate.
7. Exploitation: When hitting level 41, you can begin to explore other people’s bases to gain abundant east crystals.
8. Daily Quests: Daily Quests open to you when you hit Level 40. Some daily quests reward engines. You may sell the engines for crystals.
9. Crystal Gathering: You only have limited opportunities to gather crystals in your Base.
10. Unlimited Gathering: You may spend Gold in using the Unlimited Gathering function to gather crystals unlimitedly (Note: You’d better keep the gathering efficiency at 80 and above).
11. Daily Salary: When you reach a certain Rank, you will be able to claim daily salary (crystals) each day.
12. Weekly Events: When a new event begins, try to reach the top 10 positions and claim the rewards as soon as possible. Don't forget to claim rewards before the event ends. Please prepare 50,000 to 100,000 crystals before an event begins.
13. Colony: You will gain crystals by turning somebody’s base in to your colony.
14. Crystal Campaign: The Crystal Campaign begins at 6:00pm and lasts until 7:00pm in summer. During a Crystal Campaign, you are able to gain a lot of crystals.
15. Research: You can make research for free once per day when you reach a certain level. You may spend crystals in making research, attempting to win an awesome prize.
16. Armor: Does armor has any business to do with crystals? Sure. Remember that good armor will enable you help to take less damage and reduce the cost of your supplies.
17. Technology: Study technologies to increase crystal gain.
18. Crystal Plunder: Plunder crystals? I'm looking forward to the feature.
19. Spend Cash: You may spend cash to buy crystals.