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It’s said that those who attach importance to details can easier be a success. You can do something else while playing a strategy war game just by clicking the mouse if you make good use of the time such as the time to upgrade a building or study a technology. Anyway, don’t waste even a second if you want to be a top player.
Now please allow me to talk about something you need to pay attention to in SteelWar Online.
1. Crystal Gathering
Gold and crystals are the common currencies in the game. Crystals can be used for upgrading buildings, enhancing equipment, training pilots, purchasing raw materials, etc. You can obtain crystals through mining crystal deposits or selling raw materials. Instead, usually you have to spend cash to obtain Gold fast even though you may gain 10 Gold when mining a crystal deposit. The chance to gain Gold when mining a crystal deposit will increase greatly when you get an Alchemy Factory. Gold can be used to finish the cooldown of kinds of actions. Usually you can gain 12 more opportunity each day (each season in game) to gather crystals, but in Summer you can gain up to 15 more opportunities to gather crystals. The opportunities for gathering crystals can only stack up to 50 at most, so don’t waste.
2. Technology Study
Lagging behind means exposure to invasion. You will possibly be weaker than those who are lower-level than you if you don’t study technologies in time. It requires a certain amount of Honor points to study a technology. To obtain Honor points, you have to defeat any computer controlled troop in any part of the Annals.
3. Construction
The waiting time for upgrading a building at the early stage isn’t long enough to occupy an entire construction queue, so you’d better check the waiting time carefully before you upgrade a building so you can make better use of your construction queues.
4. Battling
You will gain Honor when defeating a computer controlled troop in the Annals. Honor points can be used for studying technologies which greatly impact your overall strength. Honor can also be used for training pilots specially to increase pilots experience fast. You can also spend Honor in cultivating pilots to augment their base stats. Battling is a must in game because you have to defeat the computer controlled forces one by one in turn in order to march forward. Only when you’ve finished certain parts of the Annals can you make further progress. When defeating certain computer controlled troops, you may gain some certain awesome stuff and even be able to hire a special mighty pilot. So why not enjoy some battles now?
5. Equipment Enhancement
Besides the pilots stats, equipped items play an important part in battles too. There are many slots for equipping items. Equipment can increase the pilot’s HP, defense, attack power, etc. The chance for successfully enhancing equipment is changing once every 30 minutes. The chance is rising and getting down gradually. When the chance rises up to 99%, it will get down gradually. On the other hand, when the chance falls down to 50%, it will rise gradually. You need to spend crystals to enhance a piece of equipment. When finishing an attempt in enhancing a piece of equipment, the cooldown for equipment enhancement will accumulate to 5 minutes. When the cooldown accumulates to 20 minutes, you have wait until the cooldown finishes before you can attempt to enhance equipment again but you can spend Gold to finish the cooldown at once.
6. Pilot Training
As the saying goes, it is easy to find a thousand soldiers but hard to find a good general. A good pilot can assist you in yielding twice the result with half the effort. To train a pilot, click the “Train” button in the Training Hall. There are several training modes. You may train a pilot gradually by spending crystals or train a pilot fast by spending Honor, Special Training Badges or Gold. There is only a training slot. To train more pilots at the same time, you need more training slot. We suggest you spend Gold to add at least two training slots.