ShareThis Reputation Introduction

There are three playable factions, DC, Union and Geon. When finishing the Independent War part of the Annals, you can select a faction to join in. Members in the same corps should belong to the same faction. Once you’ve joined in a faction you will be unable to join in any other faction.
Rank: Your Rank depends on the amount of your Reputation. As long as you gain enough Reputation, you will be able to promote your Rank by yourself in your Main Base. When you’ve reached a certain Rank, you will be able to claim salary every day in your Main Base, hire a new pilot, and occupy more Raw Material Deposits and Crystal Deposits.
Reputation: you can obtain Reputation by attacking the players of other factions and participating in galaxy wars and making investments. You may also obtain Reputation in some random gathering events. You may also exchange Honor for Reputation. Attacking a player with higher hostility will earn your more Reputation. You can also obtain reputation by making investments in the universe. The more you invest, the more Reputation you will gain. There is a 3-hour interval for investment. Investments can also increase the Prosperity of the specific galaxy.