ShareThisWin or Lose? Let Battle Formation Decides !

Our first robot-themed free-to-play SLG titled SteelWar Online is scheduled for international release in the first quarter of 2012. Here, we are very glad to unveil the dreamy battle formation system which is the crown jewel of this strategy game for all curious players in advance.

In most of the traditional SLGs, players only need to choose relatively powerful armies so that they can win the victory without a doubt. However, the battle formation system in SteelWar Online requires more. In game, players will be able to choose suitable pilots from hundreds of distinct attack/assistant pilots available. Attack pilots are also divided into physical attack, spell attack and spirit attack pilots. What's more, there are 8 kinds of battle formation in SteelWar Online, including Block Formation, Offensive Formation, Spell Formation, Crit Formation, Dodge Formation, Spirit Power Formation, Counterattack Formation, and Defensive Formation. When players feel difficult to defeat NPCs or other players, they can try to change their pilots or activate another battle formation.

SteelWar Online is considered as the first game full of brainstorming and creation. Acting as a commander in game, players should seek for the best strategies to clear obstacles on the way and finally become the lord in the galaxy.